What is the minimum CPC per heading?

The minimum CPC can differ per heading

Click here for an overview of all Marktplaats categories with the corresponding minimum CPC.

The average cost per click for an ad is about €0.02. If you have set the CPC for an ad too low, it will automatically pause in your dashboard with the message "CPC for this product is too low".

You can then place the ad for the correct CPC.

1. Click on the pen next to the advertisement.

Minimum CPC | Marktfeed

2. A pop-up will open where you can set the desired CPC and budgets for this ad.

Minimum CPC | Marktfeed

3. Then click on 'Customise' and the advertisement will be placed.

Do you want to change the CPC for several ads at once? Select the ads you want, click 'I want this selection' and click 'Modify'. Then follow steps 2 and 3 as described above.

Minimum CPC | Marktfeed