How do I link my Magento shop to Marktfeed?

Linking a Magento webshop

You can link your Magento webshop to your Marktfeed account as follows:

  1. Find the extension of the Marktfeed app in the Connect Manager.
  2. Install the extension.
  3. Go to System -> Configuration and click on 'Link settings' under Marktfeed.
    Magento shop linking Marktfeed
  4. Click on "Connection Disconnected. Click to reconnect'.
  5. You will now be redirected to Marktfeed. Link here with your existing Marktfeed account, or create an account.

Your shop is now linked to your new or existing account.

We will now setup your account and get back to you!

The setup is already included in a Trial account. The higher the account, the more time we spend on setting up and optimising your ads.

A good overview of all the possibilities per account can be found here.