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Marktfeed has a plug-in for Mijnwebwinkel that allows you to automatically place your products on Marktplaats Admarkt. Create an account, simply link your Mijnwebwinkel webshop and take advantage of the free trial period. Are you not technical? No worries. Our support team will do the set-up for you free of charge. This way, you can keep your focus on your business.


With 7.3 million unique visitors each month, Admarkt is the largest and best known supply and demand site in the Netherlands. the largest and most well-known supply and demand site in the Netherlands. Marktplaats Admarkt is a fast and easy way for Mijnwebwinkel owners to sell targeted products, build brand awareness or realise more website visits. Your ad is always at the top of the ad list in your chosen category. This enables you to reach a huge buying public.


Marktfeed is for all Mijnwebwinkel webshop owners and marketers who want to sell on in a result-oriented way. Place, manage and analyse your products on Marktplaats in one convenient tool. Simply determine which products you want to place with the business rules. The results achieved can be found in the dashboard, but can also be downloaded as full reports. With Cost Control you never spend more than planned. That way, you keep a grip on your costs.

  • The most comprehensive tool for Marktplaats Admarkt
  • Easily create rules for prices, stocks and the ad structure
  • Check the results in the extensive performance dashboards
  • Set fixed budgets per month or per day

  • Mijnwebwinkel

    Since Mijnwebwinkel was founded in 2005, there has been one goal: to provide everyone with their own successful webshop. More than 40,000 webshop owners are now using the webshop system. Together they account for more than 1.5 million transactions per year.